Update makes today included included

Baidu from June 22 this year, large-scale K stations, major owners are miserable, so far not given a clear statement in Baidu. The SEO point of view, Baidu K Station will slowly recover in about three months, many owners believe it, adhere to three months, had hoped to be able to see the hope of recovery before the National Day, but just yesterday, Baidu seems to start a new round of large-scale changes in! Large data updates. September 22 happens to be a Saturday, well-known Baidu weekly update on Thursday and Friday, the data is adjusted, then the update happens Friday night, Baidu reduction included in our website is not all not included, will Baidu the database had a big update, specific algorithms not perfect, the lower included just a temporary change, pending Baidu database to improve slowly returned to normal after the If that is true, we need not have worried. at least Baidu just reduce the collection of the amount, the impact on the site is relatively not large! . September 22, Baidu search engine once again update. Update makes today included included, the month included data becomes normal, the overall included a general reduction of data. Basically I have several stations all included a substantial decline, and found that this phenomenon, I went to the major webmaster forums, all in the discussion of this matter, and not appear to be the site of my personal problems. Baidu why the first time in March this freak, webmaster surgery it take us? Specific circumstances we do not know, but according to the author of the analysis, possibly following: